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A brilliant premiere of idChess technology at the Open tournament in Croatia

The International Chess Tournament Vrsar Open took place in Vrsar, Croatia, from April 1st to 7th, 2024.

A brilliant premiere of idChess technology at the Open tournament in Croatia

Located on the inspiring western coast of Istria, for the third consecutive year, it attracted chess enthusiasts for a delightful Easter holiday. The tournament unfolded in the fantastic setting of the Saline hall, with the abundant amenities in Vrsar ensuring that every visitor had a memorable time.

Croatia hosts numerous chess tournaments, with those along the stunning coast of the Adriatic Sea being particularly popular. While open tournaments mainly cater to amateur chess players, there are also special sections that draw in numerous grandmasters and masters of the game.

Vrsar Open marked the debut of idChess technology in Croatia, with exceptionally high expectations. Once again, idChess excelled, proving that its solution for live broadcasting of chess games is crafted with exceptional quality and innovation.

To the delight of the players of this tournament, particularly the organizers, the event proceeded in the highest spirits.

“I’m very satisfied with idChess and the broadcast. I would definitely recommend it to other organizers as well. It’s an easy-to-learn and easy-to-operate system that doesn’t increase the expenses of the tournament. Another advantage is that you can upload game videos to other well-known platforms.I got feedback from chess enthusiasts and realized that a lot of people watched the game broadcasts”.

Vlatko Lovrinić
Vrsar Open Tournament Director

idChess made the tournament technologically advanced and convenient for both players and spectators. The tournament organizers expressed their hope that idChess broadcasts could be seen at other competitions in Croatia in the future.

“I’ve been working with digital technologies at men's and women's championships for 20 years. idChess was used for the first time in Croatia. This is a new and very nice experience. idChess is easy to use on any chess board and with any chess clock. You don’t need special boards or expensive devices, just a mobile phone with a camera. I hope more and more tournaments in Croatia will use the idChess technology for live broadcasts”.

Nenad Dorić
International Arbiter

At this tournament, idChess was operationally administered by its partner, Smiling Pawn, with whom idChess will soon continue its collaboration in supporting the largest Croatian Open tournament in the city of Pula.

The leaderboard of the tournament featured:
Milan Jocev FM, Serbia
Oliver Staudner FM, Austria
Lovro Čupić FM, Croatia

The broadcast is available at

Photo: Goran Radić, Smiling Pawn