idChess – play and learn chess

How to use

Meet idChess! Now you can play chess on a real board and save all games to your smartphone.
How to use

Step 1. Installation and activation

  1. Sign up or log in if you have an account in idChess:
  2. Erase the protective layer on the first page of this instruction and activate the license code.
  3. Download the idChess app from Google Play, AppStore or AppGallery and log in*.

    You can find idChess through a search in AppStore, Google Play or App Gallery or use the quick link:

    *Minimum recommended system requirements are iOS 11 or higher or Android 5.1 or higher with a working main camera with a matrix resolution of at least 10 megapixels.

Step 2. How to attach a smartphone holder

  1. The holder is folded. Unfold it!
  2. Attach the upper part of the holder (retainer) to the stick and place the holder to the table where the chessboard is.
  3. Fix your smartphone in the holder with the screen facing up, so the entire board is visible on the screen.
fig.1 Attaching to the table
fig.2 Attached holder
fig.3 Fix the smartphone
fig.4 Chessboard view

Step 3. How to use the idChess app

  1. Put chess pieces in the starting position.
  2. Launch the app and tap “Record”, then “Start”.
  3. Wait until the app recognizes the board (the entire board will be visible on the screen, a green background will appear, and the “Start recording” button will become active).
  4. After the end of the game, finish and save the game.
  5. Your game will be saved in the Games section and will be available for viewing and sending in pgn and gif formats.
Rethink your chess experience!