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How do I activate a subscription bought on the website in the app?

To do this, just log in to the app using the email address you specified when purchasing the subscription.

idChess will automatically upload the subscription to the app.

How to download idChess?
Go to or scan the QR code on the idChess box or user guide.
Does idChess allow you to digitize games like digital boards do?
Yes! And all you need is a phone with the app installed and a tripod to mount the phone on.
I want to broadcast tournaments with idChess! Where do I start?
To use idChess at tournaments, you need access to the idChess admin panel, app subscriptions, phones, and tripods to mount phones above the board. 1 subscription works on 1 device. Read more in the Organizers section. You can also send an email to or contact us on WhatsApp
What is idChess?
idChess is a mobile app and platform for digitizing and streaming chess games.
Do I need the Internet to use idChess?
To recognize games using idChess you do not need Internet access.
Do I need special chess boards and pieces to use idChess?
idChess works on all boards – wooden or plastic, large or small, and various chess pieces like Staunton. The size of pieces doesn't matter.
Where are the games saved?
After digitization, the games are saved in the app on your phone. You can share them – send them via instant messengers, or post them on social media in PGN or gif formats.
Do I need an expensive smartphone? What phones are suitable for using idChess?
No, budget models will do. But they have a few requirements. We recommend using devices with a 64-bit processor architecture that were released no later than 4 years ago. The minimum system requirements are iOS 12 or higher or Android 7. We recommend that the smartphone has a camera of at least 10 megapixels and at least 3 GB of random access memory (RAM).
How can I broadcast my game?
Tap Record in the app, select Single broadcast. Please note that this feature is only available with an idChess subscription
Can I give my account to my friend?
No, 1 subscription is valid for 1 device.
Error in single broadcast, what should I do?
Message us on WhatsApp
The app does not start, what should I do?
Close the app and reopen it. If it doesn't help, restart your phone and try again
I heard about idChess fan zones. What are they?
They are areas where fans gather at tournaments and watch games on screens or their devices live. Yes, now fans watch offline chess. With idChess, chess has become a sport for fans too!
Do you have a referral program?
Yes, if you want to join, contact us on WhatsApp.
I have an idea for the development of idChess, how can I share?
Write to us on WhatsApp: +37443216853
What does the idChess subscription include?
You will have access to all idChess features:
  • recognize games on real boards;
  • create single broadcasts
  • join tournament broadcasts
  • share recognized games
  • analyze games without restrictions
How much does a subscription cost?

There are 3 types of subscription in the mobile app:

  • 1 month – 9$
  • 6 months – 35$
  • 12 months – 54$
  • There is also a kit with a holder and a subscription for 12 months.
More about idChess products
There is a set, and there is a subscription. What's the difference?
idChess is a mobile app, you can download it, pay for a subscription and use any suitable tripod. The idChess kit is a turnkey boxed solution, it comes with a sturdy tripod that will definitely hold your phone (as well as the pocket chess board and pieces).
How to activate a promo code for a discount?
When buying on the website, you need to enter your promo code in the appropriate section and activate it. Discount will be applied automatically
I've bought a subscription. How can I find a tripod and what kind of tripod is suitable?
A regular tripod for attaching the phone will do. It should be strong so that the smartphone is securely fixed above the board and does not wobble at the slightest movement.
Can I use the app for free?
You can recognize and save your games for free, but you will only be able to see the first moves of each game.
I haven't received the license code by email
If you made a purchase on the website, you do not receive any code. Check your email box, there must be an email with your username and password. Use them to log in to the app

In this section, we have collected the most popular questions about idChess. If you have any questions, please contact us