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Tournaments with idChess are held in Azerbaijan

The idChess platform is a technological partner of the Azerbaijani chess school Chessbattle.

Tournaments of the Grand Prix Rapid&Blitz series are held monthly with idChess broadcast. About 100 chess players from Azerbaijan take part in each category of Chessbattle tournaments.

“Thanks to idChess, we can capture interesting moments of the tournament, and fans can watch the games online in real time, this is very convenient. We have used the VAR function several times: the video assistant allows arbiters to determine violations of the rules, and the objectivity of VAR disciplines the participants.”

Fakhri Musaoglu
Tournament organizer

Fans can watch the game of more than 10 titled players in real time. The 10 strongest boards are broadcast in rapid competition, blitz, and separately for the category of sportsmen with a rating of under 1600. National and club tournaments taking place anywhere in the world are broadcast on the idChess platform.