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Which tripod is suitable for using idChess

Which tripod is suitable for using idChess

To use idChess and record games, you will need a tripod to secure your smartphone above the board. In this article, we will tell you which tripod is suitable.

Why do you need a tripod?

To record games played on a real board, all you need is a smartphone with the idChess app and a tripod to fix the smartphone above the board. It’s necessary to fasten the smartphone above the chessboard and minimize its fluctuations. To deal with these tasks a tripod is required.

Tripod requirements for using idChess

We recommend using flexible and bendable tripods to ensure that the phone is securely held above the table and does not wobble while the game is being recorded. The flexibility of the tripod allows you to adjust the distance between the smartphone and the board: you can bring the device closer to the board or move it away so that the entire board is displayed in the camera. The optimal tripod height is at least 50 cm so that the chessboard fits completely in the phone’s camera. The tripod is attached to the table on the side of the chessboard.

You can purchase a tripod from a phone accessories store or any online marketplaces.

How to fix a smartphone on a tripod for idChess usage?

We insert the smartphone into the tripod holder with the camera facing down and the screen facing up. This is important so that the arbiter can easily follow the game progress on the screen and use the VAR function.

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